Realignment results

Motivated by a number of franchise relocations, the NSHL implemented a plan to realign the divisions for the upcoming season. The new divisions consider the geographical locations of the current franchises while avoiding significant changes that may disrupt conference boundaries or traditional rivalries.

The realignment motion involves eight franchises being placed in new divisions, with six of these eight being transferred to the opposite conference.

Teams will be arranged as such:

Eastern Conference:

        ** Atlantic Division: Corner Creek, Halifax, Hartford, Lyndonville, New 
        York, Quebec City

        ** Metropolitan Division: Glen Rock, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. 
        Michael’s, Stone Harbor, Windsor

Western Conference:

        ** Central Division: Capital City, Florida, Gulf Shores, Indianapolis, 
        Ottawa, Toronto

        ** Pacific Division: Fresno, North Calgary, Red River, San Diego, 
        Seattle, Vancouver